August 2014

Glass, house is pleased to host Matthew Searle as Mather Seerlo as our debut Artist-in-Residence. Matthew Searle is an artist and educator from South Bend, Indiana.

Mather Seerlo is a musical non-musician and a business-minded non-business person. His initial creative forays took the form of miniature assemblage necklaces of children’s museum debris and sewage drain findings. Shortly thereafter, he released a limited run of 15-minute cassettes featuring improvised croons over murky breakbeats. Additionally, his San Francisco room became a living work/archive, resembling the lair of a kind of aestheticized hoarder.

Seerlo’s varied practice is defined by sculptural, performative, drawing-based, collaborative, and appropriative traditions. Basketball is a reoccurring motif. Only two previous live musical performances are known.

Seerlo’s residency with Glass, house features the debut appearance of Mather’s fully realized image. Over the course of three days in San Francisco, he will instigate improvised collaborations at the intersection of street performance and the visual arts. Concurrently, he will co-produce an artist camp for adult and child artists in Chicago, experimenting with long-distance mentoring through Skype and mail art.

Mather Seerlo History
Bucketglock booth – San Francisco flea market, 2006
Sold junk necklaces.
Bucketglock installation – CELLspace gallery, 2006
Drawings, sculptures, seaweed, balloon, cardboard booth, cassette deck and headphones. Release event for The Singing Styles of Mather Seerlo.
The Singing Styles of Mather Seerlo – 15 min. cassette, 12 tracks, 2006
(In order to open the cassette, one had to rip open a case-wide sunset laminate sticker. Only 5 unopened cassettes remain and are available for $1,000 each. 15-minute clear yellow demo tapes with drawings engraved, includes xeroxed drawings and lyrics, tracklist addendum sheet, and “bucketglock” sticker.)
Bucketglock room – mission district, SF, 2006-07
Installation and video.
Bucketglock screenprinted “nail-to-your-door” posters – varying edition, 2007
Musical performance – South Bend, IN, 2007
(with USAISAMONSTER, Kites, Johnny Corndawg).
Musical performance – Charleston, IL (solo) in 2008.
Mather’s First Stage – installed in a carriage house in Charleston, IL, 2008
Playing Basketball (Without That Basketball) – unreleased, 1 track, 2008
(Referred to as a sculpture, not a single. Predates yet-unrealized editioned basketball-themed box set [currently seeking fiscal sponsors].)
Miscellaneous early drawings and collages, 2009-2014
(First instances of triangular hairdo.)

More information: http://www.mtgiddings.com/index.php/matherseerlo/